• The license txt file includes your (Public) API Key. One CellBot license is linked to one Binance API key forever! If you want to use another API key, you just need to buy another CellBot license!
  • Put the license txt file into the same folder where your CellBot excel file is!
  • You need to manually copy-paste your Secret Key into the “D8” cell!
  • Yellow colored cells are the “adjustable cells”! Do not change the value or text of any other colored cells, unless you know what you do!
  • All yellow cells can be a fixed value or dynamically changed by your excel formulas!
  • Do NOT add or delete rows/columns! It can cause malfunctions if you do it in a wrong place! But of course you can delete columns in the strategy making area.
  • Use RoundDown() function to control the decimal places for the actual crypto pair quantity! For example use 3 decimals for BTCUSDT pair: RoundDown(A1,3)
  • Every time when a “trigger cell” increased by 1 value it will send a trade order to Binance! You can use Buy or Sell or Cancel trigger cells and 4 different type of trade orders.
  • Do NOT open multiple CellBot files or other excel sheets while using CellBot! It can cause malfunctions! Use virtual machines if you want to run multiple CellBots!
  • You can of course minimize CellBot, so it can run in the background.
  • If it doesn’t work install .NET Framework 3.5 on your windows! And use minimum 2010 Microsoft Office Excel!

Create a Binance API key:

You need to create an API key inside in your Binance account, so CellBot can control your Binance trades. It’s easy!  Follow the steps below:


After you will get 2 things: a (Public) API Key and a Secret Key. You need to save them both! We will create a license txt file based on your (Public) API Key and after you received the CellBot, you will need to input your Secret Key into D8 cell in CellBot, so the bot can send real trade orders to your Binance account.

Free Version:

You can download and try the Free Version CellBot with limited abilities here:


Video Tutorials:

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