Free Version

Here you can download and try the free version of CellBot with limited abilities:

  • If it doesn’t work: please Install “.NET Framework 3.5” on your Windows!
  • Make sure your Excel is using “point” as decimal separator and NOT comma!
  • You need Windows Operating System (Win10, Win7, WinXP)! MAC users can use Virtual Machine (VMware, VirtualBox).
  • And you need Microsoft Office – Excel (minimum 2010)!
  • The example strategy in the free version is using a Bollinger Band Algorithm to create Buy/Sell triggers. You can change it to anything!
  • You need some Bitcoin balance on your Binance account if you want to see bot trading. However the bot will operate without balance too.
  • Just copy-paste your API key and the Secret Key into D7,D8 cells (double click on the cells) and click “Start”! That’s it!

Download here