• If it doesn’t work: please Install “.NET Framework 3.5” on your Windows!
  • Make sure your Excel is using “point” as decimal separator and NOT comma!
  • You need Windows Operating System (preferably Windows 10)! MAC users can use Virtual Machines (VMware, VirtualBox).
  • You need Microsoft Office – Excel (minimum 2010)!
  • Put the license txt file into the same folder where your CellBot excel file is!
  • Just copy-paste your “Binance Secret Key” into D8 cell (double click on the cell) and click “Start”! That’s it!


• Download CellBot v23
– Aesthetic improvements.
– OHLC period interval lowered to min. 3 sec.

• Download CellBot v22
– Minor code improvements. Nothing important.

• Download CellBot v21
– Minor code improvements

• Download CellBot v20
– Minor code improvements
– Aesthetic improvements
– Default strategy OHLC period changed to 900s for better results

• Download CellBot v19
– Big improvement: Cancel Type Orders added
– Now you can trigger 3 type of Cancel Orders for open positions: Cancel only Sell or only Buy or All orders made by cellbot.

• Download CellBot v18
– Code improvements: More “fool proof” systems
– Aesthetic improvements

• Download CellBot v17
– Minor code improvements
– Aesthetic improvements
– New better default Strategy
– Tested on Excel 2019 too and works fine!

Download CellBot v16
-Some code improvements
-10-10 custom data listing places added to both sheets. For example you can list necessary data for your strategy like crypto coin balance values or your own calculations.

• Download CellBot v15
-Minor changes.
-Using RoundDown function instead of Round at the quantity cell.

• Download CellBot v14
-Minor changes.
-Bot will ignore your cell errors or bad formulas so it doesn’t stop.

• Download CellBot v13
-Now you can open and use another excel file beside CellBot if you know what you are doing!
-You can connect and use your own excel workbook file with your own VBA code beside CellBot, this is only recommended for advanced users!

• Download CellBot v12
-New better, simpler design for the crypto pair OHLC listing area!
-Crypto Balance area expanded!
-Server Responses are expanded!
-Inner code changes for more stable operation!

• Download CellBot v11
LIMIT order problem fixed!

• Download CellBot v10
Market Depth Option added!

• Download CellBot v9
“MARKET” , “STOP_LOSS_LIMIT” , “TAKE_PROFIT_LIMIT” type order options are added.

• Download CellBot v8
Minor changes. Buy/Sell indicator and Avg. Filled Price added to the response list.

• Download CellBot v7
New default Strategy Setup: BTCUSDT pair; 9.39% profit in the last 23 days

• Download CellBot v6
More stable
More fast
More clean
Other minor improvements

• Download CellBot v5
Improved OHLC listing
fixed response cells clearing

• Download CellBot v4
+4 balance cells added
+5 order response cells
New balance refresh

• Download CellBot v3
3 balance cells added
Adjustable Crypto Pairs system and faster refresh and stable positions

• Download CellBot v2
Bugs are fixed and improved design

• Download CellBot v1
First working version with 1 crypto pair